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5/1/10 gener 5, 2010

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Today I went to buy the gifts of kings. We went to take my brother from daycare and my parents and my have been shopping. First we went to Porto Pi, in Carrefour buy gifts for my brother and I bought a Zara boots and a jacket. We went to dinner in San Pedro, then, went to buy more gifts at Toy’s Rus.


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I like the hotel has a castle beside the pool and sea front is very nice. This all black stones typical of the Canaries, I think are volcanic stones. At 7, my mother and my juge bingo with other people from the hotel. And at 7 I was half an hour a spa.



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Today, I went to visit the grandparents of my mother. They lives in a residence of a old persons. Manuel have 95 years old and Remedios have 91 years old. She are perfect but he almost can’t speak and is in a wheelchair.


24/12/09 Desembre 29, 2009

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Today, I went to Galicia in a plane,a very long travel, two hours. I went to Ferrol, on my family leave, and we opened the gifts. I have very gifts: three books, 3 t-shirts, a bag, a watch, a shoes and a computer. I went to the bed at 3:30. Are all my family, my grandmother, my 3 aunts, my oncle, my other grandmother, my 2 cousins, my mum, my father and my brother.